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Mario Soldier Race

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Mario is back to the real world and he is a soldier this time around. In this free driving game, he gets to drive a military bike and he has to breeze it through the jungle. Drive as safely as possible, without crashing that is. Collect all the coins along the way for higher points. There are 10 grueling levels in this game and Mario has to withstand all of them. He should be able to, now that heís with the army and not with the Plumberís Association. Heís got a cool bike and 10 lives to start with. Use your great motorbike driving skills to win. Each star collected is worth 100 points.

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Use the Arrow Keys to control Marioís military bike. Use the Up Arrow Key to accelerate it while the Down Arrow Key is for reverse. The Left and Right Arrow Keys are for balancing. Get to the finish line in every stage safe and sound. Gather all the coins to get a high score. Clear all levels by driving through the impossible terrains and right into the checkered flag. There are no enemies here, just a very bumpy ride. Try not to crash Ė thatís the ultimate thing that Mario has to avoid in this game. Your level score and total score appears at the end of every stage.

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