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Mario Rush is another driving game that can get you at the edge of your seat. You never know when the road ends or starts in this game. You just have to keep driving and hope for the best. Do make sure that Mario is safe and sound behind the wheels though. Pick which level you want to play at the start of the game. It is suggested though, that you start with the first one. Drive Mario’s car all the way to the finish line. However, that feat is not going to be very easy. The terrain is not only bumpy – it’s very tricky too. Catch all the coins as you go along.

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Use the Arrow Keys to move Mario’s car. The Up Arrow Key is for acceleration while the Down Arrow Key is for reverse. The Left and Right Arrow Keys keep the vehicle balanced. Drive as carefully as you possibly can. If Mario crashes, you would have to start the online game over again. You are going to need the 100 points you’ll gain from them. If Mario crashes his car, you can always start that level again. However, try to be more careful the second time. You should know then where the bumps lead you and how much momentum you need to clear a jump.

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