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Mario Ride 4

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This is one Mario driving game that you’d like to play over and over again. Drive underground, over the mushrooms, and all over the kingdom with Mario’s two wheels. You have to be very accurate with your jumps as crashing is not an option out here. Breeze through the stages and see how far you can possibly go with Mario. The backgrounds used in this game can be very interesting. Catch all the red mushroom heads for additional 100 points. You have to drive carefully through the course, watching your momentum as you do. You’re given 5 lives in this game. Use them well and reach the end of the stages.

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As in many other games, here you use the Arrow Keys to make Mario move fiercely with his bike. Use the Up Arrow Key to accelerate and the Down Arrow Key for the reverse. The Left and Right Arrow Keys are used for balancing. They are going to be very helpful if Mario is about to crash. Look ahead and don’t drive too fast! If Mario crashes at any point in this entertaining game, players have to start that stage again. Keep on trying and balance really well. After using up all your lives, the Mario game will be over. But you can submit your name and your high score to the server for all the others to see.

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