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Mario Rescue Peach

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Mario is out to save Princess Peach and for him to do that, he has to jump over all the mushrooms present in this online game. There are stars to guide you with the path that you should take. Clear all the stars and you clear the stage. You canít go back to the previous mushroom as an enemy is always at your back. Save Princess Peach by stepping at all of the mushrooms in the game only once. Note that you canít skip on any mushroom twice. Thereís a Goomba following your every move. Follow the stars for they indicate the paths that you need to cover. This game requires good logic skills to win.

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Use the Mouse to make Mario jump from one mushroom to another. This is not just like any jumping game you know as this is a puzzle game and thereís only one way to solve and complete every level. Find out how you can jump at all the mushroom and clear all the stars as you do. Pick up the fruit bonuses at the start of the Super Mario Bros. game. Be sure that you think before you leap. There is only one solution for every stage. You have to unlock all four keys in order to make Princess happy and open up the next level. Complete a given stage fast and youíll get bonus time points.

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May 12, 2013, 10:00 am    

The key in this game is to follow the stars. Do not forget to pick up the fruit bonuses, as they increase your points.

Overall I think it is a decent game with good graphics.

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