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Mario Mushroom Memory

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This Mario board game gives your memory a good exercise. Choose from easy, normal, and hard modes. Flip the red mushrooms to know what’s behind it. Then look for the pairs. When you find the two items that matches, they will disappear from the game screen. Finish the game in the least possible time and the least possible tries for maximum points. If you think that you are really good at memory games, go for the hard mode right away. Else, you can start with the easy mode and proceed to normal. What are behind the red mushrooms heads are the different enemies that Mario encounters. Find the two pairs in the least time required.

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Use the mouse to click on the mushroom and expose what’s behind it. Click on two mushrooms consecutively to reveal a pair. A good pair is worth 10 points while a wrong pair opened costs 2 points. Match all the Mario Bros. characters as fast as you possibly can. When you’re done with easy, proceed to play the normal and difficult modes. This is a timed online game of Super Mario so try to complete each stage in the least time required. There are 40 different pictures to open in the hard mode. Given that, you have to play and find the 20 pairs. If you can complete this free game in less than one minute, then you can call yourself an expert.

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