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Mario Kart City 2

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This racing game of Super Mario can get your adrenalin going. Guide the kart on the racetrack. While that sound easy, wait until other drivers come to you from the opposite direction. Collect Yoshi’s eggs and other bonuses as you drive along. Be sure to stay away from raging cars as that would make you lose a lot on your car’s health bar. Keep your eyes on the road – that’s one thing that you should remember when playing this game. Catch all the bonus items for added points. Try to stay clear of all the other cars heading your direction. A crash would cause a huge deduction on your energy bar. When it runs out, the game is over.

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In this game you'll have to use the Arrow Keys to move Mario’s kart anywhere on the screen. Just drive over the bonuses to collect them. Avoid head-on collision with other cars because when that happens, your health bar decreases. When it reaches empty, the game would be over. Open up level after level as you drive. You have to be a very careful driver in order to play and win this Super Mario online game. Try to stay at the center of the road where it is easier to maneuver either to the left or to the right. Avoid all raging vehicles. Pick up all the goodies you can. Stay alive until you complete the continuous stages of this entertaining game.

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