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Mario Jet Ski

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This is a cool driving game of Mario with a twist. Not only you’ll be controlling Mario, you’ll be riding a jet ski too. Swish your way through the different levels in this game. Collect the huge red, blue, and gold coins to add to your points. There will be bonuses along the way too so be sure not to miss them. But as many as there are coins and goodies, there are a lot of enemies lurking around too. Avoid them at all costs because they will ruin your momentum. Jump over the ramps for an exhibition play and for added points. Each coin is worth a certain number of points. The ones higher up are worth more.

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Use the Arrow Keys to accelerate the Jet Ski. You can also perform a high jump by pressing the Space Bar. Mario will be scored according both to the coins he gathered and the exhibitions that he made. Play being the coolest man on a Jet Ski and grab all the coins, bonuses, and skills before reaching the finish line. Do note though, that this time you are not supposed to crash in the waters. If that happens, Mario will lose one life. Lose all five and the Mario game is over for both of you. This is a timed free game. Try to reach the finish line in the shortest time possible and with maximum points too.

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November 22, 2012, 8:38 am    

excellent game, I really like this kind of game...controls are easy to master in just a few passes...really engaging...I remember a nintendo game with a similar feel

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