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Mario Great Adventure 2

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This is a high octane Mario adventure game that will put you on your feet. This time, you have to play and rescue the princess once again and to do just that, you have to cross many seas and jump over several islands. Don’t fall into the water – your game will be over if you do. This is a multiple level game of the Super Mario Bros. wherein you have to go through a lot of obstacles before reaching King Koopa's castle. Aside from killing all enemies, he also has to catch color-coded mushrooms for added points. And don’t forget about the coins. They’ll give you 10 points each. Kill Goombas and Troopas for 50 points each. Catch mushrooms and you’ll get 50 to 200 points for them.

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Use the Arrow Keys to move Mario either to the left or to the right. To make him jump, press the Space Bar. There are lots of coins and mushrooms to collect in this free game. Gather them all so you can gain bonuses that can help you along the way. Keep in mind that it is going to be a really long walk to King Koopa’s castle. The adventures that Mario has to go through in this game are immensely great. Mario is given three lives in this game. He should not fall down the waters or he’ll lose one precious life. Pick up all the items that you see in the game – except for enemies of course. They’ll help you a lot as you go along. Your ultimate goal is to reach the blue flag at the end of each level.

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July 16, 2013, 2:09 pm    

To rescue princess is always like a duty to Mario. This game has lots of interesting and entertaining levels. I think it is a cool game.

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