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Mario Fusion Game

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This Mario game is similar to a card matching game. You have to fuse three items together to create a new one. Then fuse the new items you made to double your score. Maximize your score by fusing all the items available in your collection. If you donít want any one of them, you can destroy it. When three items combine, a new one will form. Thatís the idea behind this game. You will combine three different items into one game box. The new item you have created can be further fused to become something else. And so forth. Reach the maximum number of fuses to gain the maximum number of points.

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Use the Mouse to click and select where the next character should go on the game screen. Click on any of the empty slots on the 6x6 grid. Check the frame on the left side of the screen. Thatís the character that is about go out next. Put it adjacent to the ones looking like it. You need three or more of the same items to fuse them together. You have to fill the grid with items that you can fuse. If you can no longer combine items and there are no more spaces left in the grid, the game will be over. Use the magic hammer sparingly. You can only use it thrice in the entire game, unless of course, you gained extras along the way.

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July 16, 2013, 3:14 pm    

This game kind of gave me tough times. I am not very good with cards, so obviously I strugged in it.

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