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Mario Fantastic Trio

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Choose from three available characters in this game, Mario, Sonic, and Alladin. This is an adventure game that puts your jumping, sniping, and dodging skills to the test. Leap over the blocks, collect all coins, kill enemies, and go straight to the finish line in one piece. See how good you scored at the end of each round. Choose Mario and play this game in the way that you expect him to. Collect all the coins that you see for 100 points each. Stay clear of the enemies for they are going to take one life away from you. Note that you only have three lives in this game. Lose them all and youd have to start again.

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Use the Arrow Keys to control your characters. The Left and Right Arrow Keys take your character to the right direction. The Up Arrow Key makes him jump. You can either dodge the enemies or stomp on them. Use what you think is best for every situation. Coins keep you alive be sure to gather as many as you can. Go from the starting point to the finish line while taking care of your three lives. You've got to play and clear all levels to be considered the winner of this online game. Mario is the best character to choose for hes got very good jumping skills. But you can try the other characters as well.

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