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Being Super Mario has its advantages. And in this game, it means that you have extra powers to attack the enemies head-on. King Bowser is going to be sorry he messed up with the wrong man. Mario is not going to run away from battle this time - he’s going to attack with all his might. Show Bowser some patented Mario karate moves and he will never again want to meet with him again. Mario is all fed up with the evil king after all. Instead of pursuing him, he’s ready to take him down with his karate chops. How high a score can you make with Mario’s combo moves?

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In this one, you use the Arrow Keys to initiate Mario’s movements. The Up Arrow Key makes him jump and the A key gets him to attack. Try to discover the many massive combos that you can possibly make Mario do. Mario can do a double jump on the wall by pressing the Up Arrow Key twice. Play the game taking Mario right where evil King Bowser is to get the fight going. Mario has practiced long and hard for this moment. And now that it has come, there is no other thing left to do but to finish Bowser off. Make Mario a big karate winner in this free online game.

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July 16, 2013, 3:04 pm    

Mario vs King Bowser is always a very fascinating battle. This game has a really nice storyline.

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