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Mario Bubble Shooter

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Pop all the bubbles overhead by shooting at them. However, you can only shoot like for like. Mario’s bubbles contain a symbol inside it. Shoot the bubble with the same symbol and you get to eliminate them all. The faster you clear the round, the higher points you get. The Princess is with you in this adventure game. Your goal is to clear all the balloons in every level. And the faster you do that, the higher score you are going to get. Mario needs to shoot the balloons correctly in this game. Remember that you need to pop the rest of the balloons, not to increase their number.

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Aim Mario bubble shooter by using the Mouse. Release the bubble by clicking the Left Mouse Button. Mario just has to burst a certain number of bubbles to gain entry into the next round. When he reaches the quota, the level clears and a new one opens up. Just make sure that the bubbles do not reach the line! When you spend too much time on a level, a new line of balls will form. That means more bubbles for you to eliminate on that round. Avoid that from happen by shooting as accurately and as fast as you can. Let the princess cheer you out while you're playing. Shoot at all the correct bubbles for her.

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