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Mario Bubble Bobble

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Eliminate all enemies with the use of Mario’s powerful Bubble. When enemies are hit with it, they get trapped and helpless inside the bubble. Run over them and they’ll turn into goodies like stars, jams, and other freebies. Collect them all for added rewards. Go through every stage and show the bad guys how good Mario is at jumping, shooting, and sliding. You are presented a mission for every level. Eliminate all the monsters. Complete that and you get to open Level 2. Mario is only given a full minute to finish each stage. Some levels have more enemies than the others. Your enemies could be different for each stage too.

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Use the Left and Right Arrow Keys to take Mario to the desired direction. Play with the Up Arrow Key for making him jump. The Space Bar is employed for shooting the bubble. You have unlimited bubbles in this online game so just keep on firing. Mario has 5 lives to start with. If an enemy touches him, he loses one. Space Mario’s 5 lives really well. Don’t even touch enemies as much as you can. Mario’s bubbles can only go too far. You have to be somewhat close to the enemy in order to hit him with your bubble. Mario needs to move fast around this Super Mario game course to dodge his enemies. Be prepared for them all.

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