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Mario Bros vs Monster

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Choose between Mario and Luigi before you begin. Your game goal is to protect the egg from being captured by the monster. Shoot at the tree monster with your power stars. There will be bonuses falling down the skies. Catch them for power up. However, the monster has a few little surprises for you too. Watch out for them and never pick them up. The Tree Monsterís life is indicated by its health bar. Once its health bar runs dry, it gets eliminated and you advance a stage. Mario also levels up as he plays along. He is given five lives at the start of the game. There could be more than just one Tree Monster to eliminate in a particular stage.

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Make Mario shoot at the enemy by aiming with the mouse and pressing the left button to release fire. The good Italian plumber, Mario, can be moved either to the left or right with the use of the Arrow Keys. As the this one progresses, the difficultly level of the game increases. Youíll have more eggs to protect and more monsters to eliminate. This free game of Super Mario uses both the Arrow Keys and Mouse. First, be familiar with the controls so you can perform well in this game. The number of eggs that Mario has to protect matches the Tree Monsters that he has to eliminate. Once played and all the eggs are taken, the game is over.

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