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Dress Up Mario Sunshine

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This dress-up game called Dress Up Mario Sunshine allows you to transform Mario from a regular plumber into an entirely different man. Choose from a range of clothes and accessories that also come in different colors. There are shirts, vests, pants, hats, shoes, and gloves. Mario’s got costumes too that you can make him wear. Now is your chance to transform Mario into something you always wanted him to be. Play with his clothes, shoes, hat, gloves, and other accessories. Make him look like a fashion icon stepping into the runway. All colors are available in this game. Mix and match the clothing pieces together into a trendy perfection.

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To make Mario wear your desired set of clothes, simply drag and drag the pieces to his body. Overlap his new clothes with the ones he’s wearing. Keep on mixing and matching clothes to discover which outfit that makes Mario look his best. Make Mario the nicest dressed hero in Mushroom Land. In this game, there will be no limits as to what you can do as far as Mario’s getup is concerned. You’ll act as Mario’s wardrobe consultant and he’ll wear anything that you want him to. You can combine all the ridiculous color combination together and Mario will still wear your choice of clothes. Make Mario look real good or really insane. His fashion taste is in your hands now.

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November 2, 2012, 4:08 pm    

This game will stir up your creative side that is for sure. He needs to go from plumber to whatever you choose. But make sure he is dressed really nice, that gets you the points!

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