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Mario Bomber 4

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This is Mario’s version of the very popular Bomber Man Game. Blast through the blocks and barriers and uncover lots of bonuses. Attack your enemies and eliminate all of them. Just be careful with your own blast. It can hurt you and would make you lose all of your points and bonuses too. This is a timed Mario game so try to play and win and not to waste precious seconds. There are many power ups to uncover hidden in the boxes. Find Plumster Heads and stock up on your bombs. The Fire Ball Flower bonus allows you to blast so much faster. The turtle shell allows you to run faster.

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Move Mario by using the Arrow Keys. To shoot or plant a bomb, press the Space Bar. There are many items hidden inside the mushroom boxes. Open them up and you’ll find power ups that can get the job so much easier for you. There are also bonuses to make you run faster, blast faster, and switch places with your enemies. The goal is to corner your enemy and eliminate him. Do this within the time allotted for each level. Do note that you have to move really fast in this game if you want to win. Pick which from the four available characters you’d like to play. Your choices are Mario, Luigi, Bowser, and Yoshi.

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