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The Mario Bros gives Mario fans yet one more treat to get excited. There are lots of adventures piled up for players in this amazing Mario game. And you will definitely enjoy each one of them for sure. You can even choose which between Mario and Luigi youíll play. There is a new skill that you have to master in this online game though Ė climbing walls. Mario can climb any wall that he canít jump onto by trying to jump twice. Try your wares against the enemies in this one. The game play is a little slow so always watch your moves. You donít want to over jump.

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The controls of the game are similar to every other game of Mario. Use the Arrow Keys to move him. To make him jump, press the X Key. If you want to clear a wall, you have to press the X Key with precise timing twice. The rest is rather straightforward. You can kill most enemies by stomping on them. This is a multiple level game. Clear each of the stages one at a time until you finish them all. Most of the enemies in this game are Goombas, Troopas, and Piranha plants. Mario is given five lives to start with. Make the full use of Marioís lives and get all the coins that you see.

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