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Super Mario Truck is a truck driving game, featuring the brave Mario, that would put your road skills to the test. The truck itself is not easy to maneuver Ė add that to the bumps on the road and you are going to have a hard time. But thatís not all of your concern. You also have to successfully deliver the items loaded into the truck at the start of the game. In every level of the game, there will be a minimum number of items required for you to take to the finish line. If you fail in that goal, you have to keep on trying until you get the deliveries right.

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Move Marioís truck with the use of the Up and Down Arrow Keys. The Up Arrow Key is for acceleration. The Down Arrow Key is used if you want to drive the truck backwards. At any point you feel that the truck is about to overturn or nose down, regain balance by pressing either the Left or the Right Arrow Key. Always mind the items at the back of your truck. You donít want to lose any one of them if you can help it. Each item successfully delivered is worth a number of points. If you bring more than what is required, youíll get additional points in the game.

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