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Super Mario Tetris

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Play a classic game of Tetris with a Mario twist. Note that every falling block is decorated with the colorful pictures of the most popular Mario game characters. Pile them neatly up the game board and make as many horizontal lines as you possibly can. As you play along, the blocks seem to fall down much faster than they used to. That is an indication that you’re getting better in the game and that you’re reaching the much higher levels. Included in your goal is to keep the blocks from reaching the topmost part of the screen. This online game is over once that happens.

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This Super Mario Tetris is played with the Arrow Keys. You can move the falling backs sideward by pressing either the Right or the Left Arrow Key. You can rotate the block by pressing the Up Arrow Key. Rotate several times until you get the position that you want. If you want the block to go down much faster than usual, play pressing the Down Arrow Key - just like the classic Tetris game. The blocks are no longer movable once they attach themselves to the floor or to other blocks. Try not to make any gaps as you put the blocks together as only complete horizontal lines are scored.

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