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Super Mario Hopscotch

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Super Mario Hopscotch is a game wherein you have to hopscotch throughout all the levels. Hopscotching is jumping all the time while touching the ground as little as possible. You can jump over enemies and other objects in the game instead. Hopping over non-floor objects is more preferred. As a matter of fact, in this game of Mario, touching the ground would damage Mario. Watch out for his health meter all the time. Walk on the floor or on the question mark blocks and you’ll lose a lot of life. Clear each round by timing your jumps over the enemies. Avoid touching the ground as much as possible.

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The Arrow Keys are used in controlling Mario. Make him jump from one enemy to another in order to win this game. The Left and Right Arrow Keys will take Mario where you want him to be. Mario jumps automatically once he hits an enemy. But to make him jump on his own, press the Space Bar. There four parameters that you have to meet to successfully clear the stages. First, you have to reach the finish line with enough energy bar left. Second, you have to get to the finish in 10 seconds or less. Third, you have to hit a combo of 20 or more. And lastly, you have to play the game perfectly – no ground touching at all!

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March 9, 2014, 2:12 pm    

this game is ridiculously stupid and pointless. it don't make sense

July 16, 2013, 1:51 pm    

It is a pretty cool game, I really loved all the stages in this game. It is possibly one of the most challenging games here.

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