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Super Mario Coin Hunt

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This one is played quite easily. The goal of this Super Mario online game is to catch as many coins as you possibly can. This is a survival series game. Coins will fall down from the skies and a busy Super Mario will try to collect them all. However, the Spinies lurking around are going to give the nice Mario a very hard time. You have to watch out for these evil enemies. You canít stomp on them or merely touch them. Doing so would cost you precious 10 health points. You start with 100 health points to play with. When Marioís health goes down to zero, this free game will be over. Each coin caught is worth 5 points.

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Move Mario by pressing the Arrow Keys and make him jump with the use of the Space Bar. The goal is to hit a high score. Donít touch the Spinies and you wonít harm your health points. There are going to be green and red mushrooms falling down the sky from time to time. Red mushrooms are for added points while the green ones will give you 10 extra health points. Grab as many coins as you can without touching the Spinies. You can step on the blocks if things get messy down below. The Spinies walks from left to right and doesnít fall down from the sky. Perch over the blocks for safety.

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July 16, 2013, 1:52 pm    

It is indeed a very easy game, much easier than some other games I played before.

Spinies are very painful though, they make Mario's life miserable.

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