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Super Mario Bros 3

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Super Mario Bros 3 is an exciting Mario game composed of five equally exciting worlds. Choose which setting you’d like to try first. They call the different backgrounds as the Block World, Wood World, Hill World, Cloud World, and the Castle World. This is a computer versus human game but don’t be mistaken. You are not going to play the usual Mario adventures here. What you’ll get is more like a ping pong battle – and Mario is your ball. The player who can’t catch Mario is the loser. After picking which world to play, select if you want a small, medium, large, or very large Mario to play with.

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After making all the necessary selections, the game immediately starts. You’ll see Mario bouncing up and down the two blocks. Start the game by moving the platform. Do that by pressing either the Left or the Right Arrow Key. The direction of Mario would then move. Remember that this is a ping pong game and Mario is the ball. You have to hit Mario with the platform - maybe catch is the more accurate term. You take the bottom while the computer works the top. The player that fails to hit Mario loses the point. However, there’s no scoring in this game. And you can play over and over as you want.

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May 12, 2013, 8:11 am    

The game is very similar to DX Ball, a game I used to play many years ago.

I think Cloud World is awesome!

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