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Super Mario Bros

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Enjoy another good game of Mario through this game simply called Super Mario Bros. This game offers the same old adventure but with a different layout. The only thing you won’t like about this game is that it can be a little too short. But even so, this is a great game to get your adrenalin going. Start at the first stage and then continue on to the very last. You will be able to finish this game in one sitting and that’s guaranteed. Catch all the coins and pick up as many Yoshi’s gold as possible. Pile a lot of points while still gathering all the mushrooms for that much-needed extra life.

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This is a traditional Mario game so the traditional keys are used. Use the Left, Right, and Down Arrow Keys to navigate your way through the game. Run to the left or right with the use of the left and right Arrow Keys. Jump by pressing the W Key. To go down tunnels, press the Down Arrow Key. Get all the coins needed for added points. Question mark blocks may contain the elusive red and green mushroom. You need those for growth and extra life so never pass them by. Be careful with your jumps and be wary of all the enemies at all times. This game is fairly easy and you only need little care.

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