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Help Mario run as far as he can for dear life. In this game, it seems like a really ugly monster is hot on Mario’s tracks. Mario has to clear all the jumps in order to finish the level. Mario will be scored according to his jump performance. Points given are according to acceleration, run through, jump, double jump, and kill run. Mario will also be awarded experience points depending on the length of his jumps. This game consists of three worlds. Have Mario running in all of them, performing great in each one. That’s the main formula to win this game.

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There is only one key to press to play this Super Mario game – the Space Bar. The Space Bar launches Mario’s jumps. It is also what you’ll use to make those exhibitions for added points. Note that there are going to be lots of cliffs to clear in this online game. It is very important for Super Mario to gauge his jumps and leap just at the right time. There will be stars to pick up along the way too. These items are going to help you real well in your journey to the other worlds as well. The amazing Super Mario is given only one chance to play in this game so do great with it.

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May 11, 2013, 6:54 pm    

It is a pretty exciting game.

It is always scary to get chased by an ugly monster. By the way I saw no monster, all I saw was Mario running.

I played only one level though.

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