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Paper Mario World 2

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Gear up for yet another adventurous run with the cool Super Mario. Jump, run, and slide over the Paper World Kingdom with Mario under your total control. This is a no scoring online game as only your HP will show up on the game board. Try not to touch the enemies and you won’t have a problem. You can pick up Red Mushrooms to add to your HP and continue on with your quest. Or you can collect 10 coins for 5 more HP to use in the game. To go from one stage to another, you have to play walking through the Red Arrow. That particular arrow indicates where the entry to the next level is located.

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Use the Left and the Right Arrow Keys to make Mario walk. If you want him to run instead, hold down the Control Key along with the Arrow Key of your choice. Mario can release a hammer to hit enemies with if you press the Space Bar. There are enemies and coins in this Mario game. Collect coins or hit question mark blocks as you seem them. Dodge the enemies if you can. Some of them you can stomp upon but try to gauge whether or not getting into a battle with them is a good idea. The first few stages of the game can be considered a walk in the park. The latter ones are more difficult so you better gear up for those.

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July 16, 2013, 2:06 pm    

This game is fun to play. I got addicted literally. The game is quite simple yet very entertaining. Highly recommended.

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