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Name that Mario Song is a game for dedicated Mario fans. So, can you call yourself an avid Mario fan? Play this game and find out. The goal of the game is fairly simple – you simply have to listen to the song that’s being played and guess the name of the Mario game it was taken from. Note that there are several dozens of Mario game versions and releases since the first one. If you’re familiar with all of them, particularly the tunes that each episode uses, then you’ll be able to win this free game very easily. Try your Mario song knowledge today and find out if you can score high.

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Choose which game mode you’d like to try. Once the game starts, a song will be played. Four choices will be shown at the bottom of the screen. Pick which one from the following is the correct answer. Click on the icon of your answer of choice. You’ll know if your answer is right or wrong as it will be indicated at the upper right corner of the screen. The next song then loads and you’re expected to give an answer. Your rating will show up after you have answered the last question. If you get a perfect score on the first try, you are no doubt a true Mario fan.

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