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Super Mario Kart Racing

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If you enjoy a good game of karting, then play this free Super Mario game. Get to drive an elite Mario kart and race it against your friends. Keep on racing to unlock more tracks and more characters. The first four cups are open but Cups 5 to 8 can only be played if you successfully cleared Cups 1 to 4. Remember that the goal of this online game is to get to the finish line first. Use all the items available to you to help you advance in the race. Drive through every round fast so you can get the time bonus at the finish line.

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Unlike most driving games, the controls of Mario Kart Racing are slightly different. You need to press the Left and Right Arrow Keys, instead of the Up and Down Arrow Keys like most other games. In here, the Up Arrow Key is used for jumping instead. Watch out for the cliffs because they can get really steep. You canít fall down the crevices as that would cost you the entire race. Try to go past the other drivers, such as Princess Peach and Goomba on Cup 1, so you will be declared as the race champion. Clear the stages to unlock more exciting levels.

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