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Mario Town 1

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Mario Town 1 is a very adventure-rich game. The goal is simple – just get to the right side of the screen. And the game continues on from there. Note that getting to the rightmost side doesn’t necessarily mean you have successfully finished the stage. You’ll be merely taken to the next screen and that promises even more adventures. Generally, there are only three major levels in this entertaining Mario free game. Breeze through them and you’ll complete the episode entirely. Note that you can only enter the next stage if you have successfully cleared the previous one.

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Use the W, S, A, and D keys to move Mario. The A Key is for moving him to the left and the D Key is for moving him to the right. Use the W Key for jumping and the S key is for going down tunnels, if there’s one open. All enemies have to be dodged. Here, you can’t play stomping on them or you will lose a life. Grab all the coins that you can see to add more points to your score. There are only three levels in this free game of the Super Mario Bros. Your ultimate goal is to beat Bowser and his army of Troopas. It should be easy to breeze through them if you have the proper Mario skills.

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July 16, 2013, 1:49 pm    

This game is full of adventures. It is always fun to play with the character Mario.

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