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Mario Tower Coins

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Mario Tower Coins looks like a simple adventure game but itís really not. Your goal is simple Ė to clear each level of coins. If you miss any red coin, the golden one wonít appear on the platform. And that means you wonít be able to leave that level. The golden coin serves as your entry point to the next one. What make this game exciting are the enemies and the obstacles that you have to muster. All enemies have to be dodged. You also have to keep in mind that you canít step on the spikes. This game tests how good a Mario player you really are.

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Use the Arrow Keys to play this free game of Mario. The Left and Right Arrow Keys move Mario to the desired point on the game screen. For jumping, play using the Space Bar. Expect to encounter a lot of enemies in this game, with most of them impossible to kill. The key is to keep on dodging enemies Ė forget about eliminating them. Watch out for the spikes on the floor as well. The only good thing about this Super Mario online game is that it is not timed at all. You can take your sweet time in making sure all those coins are cleared and that you donít touch any enemy.

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