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Mario Skypop Action is a flying and shooting game in one. Mario is aboard an airplane but even while airborne, the enemies keep on hounding him. Both Goombas with wings and Paratroopas are hot on his tracks. Thereís Bullet Bill and an invincible metal ball in this game too. Some enemies you can eliminate with just one shot. Others need two or three shots to be taken down. And still there are others that canít be eliminated at all. At the end of every round, thereís a boss that have to be handled too. Take him down and youíll level up. Keep on playing until your three lives are all consumed.

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Use the four Arrow Keys to control Super Marioís flight in his nice airplane. You can go anywhere on the Mario game screen Ė up, down, left, or right. To release shots and take down some enemies, play it pressing the Space Bar. Carefully fly through the air. Donít hit any of the enemies because that would cost you one life. Shoot at them instead. If they donít disappear after a few shots and they seem awfully close, dodge them instead and avoid extra problems. You have to stay alive until you get to the boss. The big Boss is fairly easy to kill and is worth 500 points. You also level up upon taking them down.

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