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Mario Pacman Game

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Mario, Princess, Luigi, and Toad are out on a picnic when a disaster happened Ė Toad was captured by a Piranha Plant! Mario and Luigi rushed into the tunnel to save Toad. But when they get there, an even bigger challenge is ahead. Four more Piranha Plants are hot on Mario and Luigiís trail! Gobble up all the coins and speed through the tunnels without touching the Piranha Plants. This game is like that of Pacman. The only difference is that Mario is the main character. Coins and stars are gobbled up instead of dots. Clear all coins and stars in every round to open up the next stage.

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Play this entertaining game using the Arrow Keys - as in many other Mario games - for moving Mario. The tunnels have four piranha plants lurking around. Note that you canít touch the piranha plants unless they turn blue. And the only way you can make them turn blue is when you eat up a star. However, you only have a few seconds before they go back to their original colors. Eat up all the coins in every round. That is how you get to clear the stage and open up the next level. At the start of the Mario online game, you can choose which - between Mario and Luigi you want to play.

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July 16, 2013, 1:59 pm    

These Piranha Plants are really pains in the ass. This is a very entertaining game though.

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