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Mario Motocross Mania 1

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Play all the eight stages of this motocross game and beat Koopa in his own game. For every race Mario completes, he gains a certain number of points. These points are converted into coins that he can use to purchase upgrades for his vehicle. The upgrades will make him perform better in his next race. This driving game is far more forgiving than the rest of the games the similar type. In here, Mario can keep tumbling up and down as he drives. He only has to watch out for the cliffs – he can’t fall down in them or you’ll have to start the stage over again.

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Use the Arrow Keys to control Mario’s motorbike. Drive it forward by pressing the Up Arrow Key. If you need to do the reverse for some reason, simply press the Down Arrow Key. For those instances wherein Mario’s motorbike is about to overturn, you can press either the Left or Right Arrow Key for it to regain its balance. However, overturning is not an issue with this online game of Super Mario – falling down cliffs is. So if you see any gapes on the road, be sure that you can jump over it with ease. Use the momentum in your speed to take you safely ahead.

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