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Mario ATV Escape

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This high octane game puts Mario in the best escape situation ever. You’ve got to make him do two things – shoot at the enemies and collect some stars. Mario’s got a zeppelin in this game and you’ve got to do everything to protect it. You also have to stay clear of all the enemy’s bullets. Pile up on those points for the best possible performance. Shoot at Bowser and you gain 10 points. Catch stars for 50 points. Keep Mario alive by protecting the blip. Watch for the enemy balls as well. You don’t want to get hit by those. Fire Mario’s rockets with convincing power.

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Control Mario and his ATV with the use of the Mouse. Move him where you want him to be on the game screen by clicking that area. To release the bullets to hit King Bowser, click on the left mouse button. But be sure that you put the cursor on Mario when you click or the bullet won’t release. Note that you have to shoot Bowser to eliminate him. However, he will use the zeppelin as his cover. You cannot shoot at the zeppelin. Doing so is a sure way to lose the game. Bowser is really a wise enemy. And you've got to be wiser than he is in order to win this game.

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October 28, 2012, 6:19 pm    

Mario ATV Escape is a game where you will be very high strung. He has to keep shooting at the enemies while he is collecting the stars. But if that zeppelin is not protected, disaster could strike!

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