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Mario Journey Game

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Join Mario in an upscale adventure as he tries to go inside the tunnel. Jump on the platforms and evade all the enemies to get there safely. Clear the game at your own pace and time because for once, this Mario game donít have seconds ticking by. Watch all your moves and be very careful. Time your jumps and clear the round without losing any life. Mario only has five lives in this game. No coins, no extras, and no items to rely on. Mario is practically by himself. But with your help, he can definitely reach his goals. Good Luck!

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Use the Arrow Keys to take Mario where you want him to be. The Left Arrow Key takes him to the left and the Right Arrow Key moves him to the right. To make Mario jump, use the Space Bar. Mind all the enemies in this game. Some of them you can stomp upon, with most you can only dodge. Do your best to get to the tunnel without losing a life. You only have five lives to use to finish this game with. Note the absence of coins, question mark blocks, and items in this game. It doesnít even use any mode for scoring. Your only goal is to clear the level.

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May 9, 2013, 10:03 pm    

This game is pretty tricky, I actually became very frustrated at times. I could not get past the first stage, it was very hard for me.

I may try again later on.

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