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Mario Forever Flash

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If you want to enjoy a good old Mario game, then Mario Forever Flash is for you. It has the same look and the same taste, but with an entirely new set of adventures. Try your hand over Mario’s adventures in the famed Mushroom Kingdom and see if you can take Mario where he should be – right at the Princess’ side, rescuing her. The same Mario game play is offered in this game. You have to dodge or stomp at the enemies and collect all the coins that you see. You also have to watch out for the timer at the upper right corner of the screen and complete your quest before all the seconds runs out.

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Mario Forever Flash is the type of a game which is played with the use of the Arrow Keys, along with the X and Z keys. The Right and Left Arrow Keys are for moving Mario either to the left or to the right. If you want to make him jump, press the letter Z. The Down Arrow Key is for going down the pipes. The X is used for making Super Mario run faster and to release fireballs if ever he comes across a fireball plant. There are different worlds to explore in this exciting game and you are expected to finish all of them in order to win the game. Clear all levels with the three lives you have. Try to get extra lives for extra mileage.

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