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Mario First Love

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Mario needs to guide Princess Peach in collecting all the hearts in this Super Mario online game. In order to do that, Mario has to show Princess Peach where to go. Mario’s move will be copied by Princess Peach in a mirror-like fashion. Princess Peach has to get to get to the stars while Mario has to stay away from the enemies as he instructs her. This is a tag-team type of a game. It is very important for Mario and the Princess to see eye-to-eye in order to play and finish all the stages. Mario is given three lives to start with. This is a so entertaining timed game so everybody has to act really fast.

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Although Mario and Princess Peach are two different entities in this game, Mario is the only one that can be moved. Use the Arrow Keys to take Mario where you want him to be and for him to make Princess Peach follow his movements. Note that Princess Peach is moving in the opposite direction that Mario treks. Given that, try to bring the Princess accurately as to where the heart is. Mario can’t kill the enemies in this game – he can only dodge them. Be sure not to step where there are enemies or Mario will lose a life. Note that this is a timed game. The heart can also change positions at any point in the game.

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