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Mario Excite Bike is a very enjoyable online game that combines exciting bike action and a good dose of Super Mario Bros. adventures that everybody loves. You start the game by choosing which character you wish to play. Your choices are Mario, Luigi, Princess Toadstool, and Wario. Your character will ride a bike driving from the starting point to where the boss is. Defeat the boss and you will open up the next stage. Grab coins as you drive along. Dodge all the Boos as they can cause your HP level to go down. You are going to need lots of HP when you face the boss.

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Use the Arrow Keys to move your character. To make him jump, press the Up Arrow Key. You will encounter lots of enemies in this online game. Your score will correspond to the number of coins that you collect. However, enemies make it real hard for you to get at the coins. Always check your HP level at the top part of the screen. It is the red bar up there and every time you touch an enemy, it goes down. Lose all HP and the game is over. Try to beat the boss at the end of every stage. That is the only way you can get past the current level and open up the next one.

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