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Mario Arctic Adventure

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Mario is out on the Arctic Sea and his job is to eliminate all the enemies that he sees around. There are going to be just two enemies on Level One, slowly increasing in number as you go along. To take down the enemies, you’ve got to freeze them. Throw snowballs at them and when they become one huge ball, roll them away. Mario’s fireballs are not going to be useful in this game because down here at the Arctic, he is slowly transforming into a penguin! Master the ability to make snowballs by pushing it on the snow to make it bigger. Use the snowball to knock monsters out and get bonus points.

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Move Mario with the use of the Arrow Keys. The Left and Right Arrow Keys take Mario to the desired direction. The Up Arrow Key makes Mario jump. Use the space bar to make Mario release snow balls and freeze the enemies. Then press it again to slide the huge ball you made out of them. Stay clear of all the enemies you'll find. The amazing Super Mario can’t touch any of them or he’ll lose a life. Mario’s life is shown by the number of heart points. He is given 10 heart points, equivalent to 10 lives in this online game of the Super Mario Bros. If the game is over, you can always restart where you left off.

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October 24, 2012, 1:01 pm    

Cool game. Though you need to have quick reflexes for this one so he effectively get rid of all of the enemies and have them snowed for good!

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