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Mario Crystal Cave

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Mario Crystal Cave game is another adventure game complete with all the well-loved elements found in a Mario game. But instead of coins, Mario would have to collect crystals instead. Mario will be inside the cave throughout the game. Help him find his way out by collecting the keys found in every stage. Pick up a key and the locked door will be opened. Walk through the door and you’ll get to the next stage. Some levels require a few reasoning skills in order to clear them. Always look at the things around you, as they may play important role in that stage.

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Use the Arrow Keys to move Mario around. Press either the Left or the Right Arrow Keys to take Mario sideways. To jump, press the Up Arrow Key. It is okay not to collect all the crystals but it is highly recommended that you do. You’ll get a higher score that way. Also there will be enemies showing up in the later stages of the game. Dodge them at all costs. Assess the entire area and find where the key and the gate are located. You have to get to the key first before entering the door. Look for foot switches as well for they could help you get to your goals.

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