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Mario Bros Motobike 3

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If you find Mario driving games to be a lot of fun, you are definitely going to love this one. This oneís a fairly simple game as you donít have to make flips or exhibitions in midair. You only have to pick up as many coins as you can for added points. But the real goal is to drive from the starting point to the end point in one careful motion. Go through the seven challenging levels of this game in order to be declared the winner. Remember that you canít tumble down, fall, or overturn. Make Mario drive as carefully as possible through the rough roads and nasty edges.

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Use the Arrow Keys to make Mario move. The Down Arrow Key is for deceleration and for driving in reverse. The Up Arrow Key is for acceleration. There are going to be high hills and steep cliffs in this exciting motorcycle game. Try to drive up the impossible climbs with confidence. If you think that the motorbike is about to tumble over or crash down, use either the Left or Right Arrow Key to regain your balance. Drive as carefully as possible all the time. There are no timers in this Mario online game. All thatís important is for you to get to the finish line in one piece.

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