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Koopa Avalanche Game

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In this Super Mario online game, youíre not playing as our loved super hero but a Troopa with a hard green shell. Itís the time of the avalanche and you have to take cover. There will be all sorts of things to rain down on you, some are good while others are not. You have to dodge all the spikes because they can cost you a life. You also have to dodge the bullet bills because they can do the same damage. So, you would need to grab the coins and the mushrooms instead. They could raise your coin counting and make you gain a life respectively. You've got to reach a score of 6,000 points to win the Mario game.

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Play Koopa Avalanche with the use of the Arrow Keys. The Left and Right Arrow Keys will move your character in the direction that you want. The Down Arrow Key is used for ducking, a move that is especially useful in dodging bullet bills. Your ultimate goal is to stay alive for as long as possible so youíll reach the 6,000-point mark. As you play this game, youíll notice that your situation seems harder and more complicated. Just hold on to your composure. Once you reach 6,000 points, and the avalanche will stop. Reach for your goal early in the game in order to get victorious. Be sure to keep an eye on those coins!

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May 11, 2013, 8:19 pm    

I have never played with Troopa character before, this is my first time. I am feeling weird actually, I am more used to with Mario and Luigi.

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