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Angry Mushrooms Game

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The birds are not the only ones that have the right to be angry – mushrooms can get angry too. Mario is reduced to just a few colored balls in this game. The mushrooms may be angry but not necessarily at Mario. Play this game in the same fashion as you would the very famous Android game, Angry Birds. Every stage of this game offers a certain level of difficulty that players have to go through. Think of the best way to burst all Mario bubbles in the fastest way. There will be a specified number of mushrooms provided in every stage.

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Put the mushrooms up the slingshot and direct them towards the makeshift structures where the Mario balls are placed. Use the mouse and the left button as controls. You have to take the structures down as that is the surest way to burst all the Mario balls. Clear all levels of Mario balls and you’ll be taken to the next stage. Clear all stage and you'll win this Mario game. You have to clear the stage with the mushrooms that you have. The more Mario balls you hit with one mushroom, the better. And you’ll also have a higher score that way.

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