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Super Mario Turbo Race

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This free driving game of Mario can put your adrenalin levels up. You need to do a lot of jumps in this game, if you want to collect all the bonus mushrooms overhead. However, you also have to be careful. If the truck crashes, the game is over and you would have to start again. Finish the lap before time runs out. Mario is ready to drive the tractor from start to the finish in one great force. Heís got nitro in his truck to start with. However, Mario has to be very careful as he drives. He doesnít want to crash down and lose all the toads and mushroom heís got at the back of his truck.

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Play Super Mario moving his truck with the use of the Arrow Keys. The Up Arrow Key is for acceleration with the Down Arrow Key is for the reverse. The Left and Right Arrow Keys help restore the truckís balance. To activate the Nitro, press N. To brake, press Z. To jump, press the Space Bar. Help Mario drive all the way to the finish line without crashing. That is supposed to be an easy feat although Super Mario has a lot of load in his truck to begin with. It is going to be a long bumpy ride so be very careful. Balance the truck as you drive to keep it from crashing.

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