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Super Mario Cross

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Mario is up a motorbike and his goal is to get to the end of each level Ė in one piece at that. Driving the motorbike at high speed can be very dangerous thing and even Mario knows that. And the steep terrains in the Mushroom Kingdom arenít helping at all. Guide Mario safely towards the end of every stage. Mario is enjoying yet another biking adventure all over Mushroom Kingdom. However, he is pushing himself to the limits. For one, he is trying a lot of dangerous moves all over the kingdomís impossible terrains. Help him get his jumps right. Mario should not crash.

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Use the Arrow Keys to control Mario and his bike. The Up Arrow Key is for acceleration while the Down Arrow Key is for reverse. The Left and Right Arrow Keys are intended for balancing the bike. Safety is your main priority here. Take your time as there is no ticking clock in the game. Collect coins as you go along. Each coin is worth 50 points. Donít mind the enemies in the game for they are only part of the background. Mario tends to jump over the tunnels and into the suspended platforms. Keep Mario from crashing as he tries to jump and bike his way to the finish line.

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