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Super Mario Coins game takes you on a one-on-one battle with King Bowser. Youíre on your last step in saving the Princess but Bowser is giving you a very hard time. Heís throwing deadly blocks at you and is making your life miserable. The only way to kill him is with flash coins. Play collecting them and show Bowser who the boss really is. The goal of the game is quite simple Ė to collect all the coins in every level in order to rescue the princess. However, Bowser is around to make your life miserable. Heíll be throwing bricks at you and you have to avoid them at all costs. Mario only has three lives in this game.

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Use the Left and Right Arrow Keys to move Mario either to the left or to the right. To make him jump, press the Up Arrow Key. Collect all the coins on the game screen. You canít stomp at Bowser so donít try. Stay away from his deadly blocks. Find the flasher coin. Thatís the only one that can kill your enemy. You can give The Bowser a taste of his medicine by throwing coins at him. But it is a better idea to avoid him at all costs and just focus on collecting the coins. The faster you finish the stages, the better it is for Mario. Bowser can get a little too fast further into this Super Mario Bros. game.

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