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Snowy Mario Game

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Snowy Mario is the coolest shooting game ever to hit the internet for this one is set during the winter. Throw snowballs at your enemies until they become the perfect ice ball. Then push those ice balls to hit other enemies with it. There are different platforms in play such as normal, ice, razor platforms. Be careful, some enemies can turn you into ice too! Shoot at every single one of the enemies that you see. However, some enemies have the ability to deflect your attack. Watch out for them and act accordingly. There are a lot of bonuses included in this game including an additional life, shield, player speed, ammo distance, and additional points.

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Use the Left and Right Arrow Keys to move Mario. The Up Arrow Key is for jumping. To shoot ice and to push the ice ball, press the Space Bar. There are lots of power ups to collect in this game and they can help you with your goals. Pick up extra lives, shields, and player speed, among others. Mario is having fun with the snow indeed. As usual in other games of this kind, the princess is abducted in this game and Super Mario is out to save her. With his winter pistol, he has got turn all his enemies into snowballs and eliminate them. After some time, the snowball will turn into bonus items. The level clears after eliminating all the enemies present in it.

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