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Peches Mario Makeover

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Mario is going to have a makeover and Princess Peach initiated it. All the things you need are right here, from make-up kits to new moustaches, eye brows, hair, and everything else. Use all that you can see to transform Mario into a fine-looking gentleman. Mix and match items. Donít be afraid to try anything out of the ordinary. Mario and Princess Peach are in for a makeover in this game. There are different options for each player and you can try all the possibilities. Make Mario fully handsome while Peaches really pretty. Make the full use of the different tools and elements in this game. Keep on playing until you reach the right combination.

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Use the mouse for this game. Drag and drop the items that you want Mario to wear. Mario can take off his hat, change the color of his eyes, and wear some make-up. If you want Mario to sport a new hairdo, thatís possible too. Use the power of your mouse to get things underway. Play by clicking through the make up kit for the Princess but you can use it for Mario as well. Put mustaches, eyebrows, and extra hair on Mario or the Princess. Use the hanger and the trashcan whenever you find it fitting. You can even control the music and the background of the Mario online game then print what you just created as you want it.

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