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Mario with Rifle

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Mario is not to let up defending the Mushroom Kingdom. Armed with rifle, he is out to eliminate all enemies, from the ones crawling on the ground to the ones flying over the air. Help Super Mario in his quest. This time, he has five lives to start with. Bonus lives are obtained if you shoot at the hearts. Mario has got unlimited bullets so just keep on shooting. He also runs automatically. You've got to make sure that your gun is always ready for a shot at the enemies. If you bump into an enemy, you lose a life. Lose all 5 and youíre going to lose the game.

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The Arrow Keys are used to play this game. The Up Arrow Key is for jumping while the Left and Right Arrow keys are for running in the desired direction. Click on the Left Mouse Button to shoot at the enemies. Dodge enemies and shoot at them as accurately as you can. Some of the enemies can release their own deadly shots. Dodge them. Run through the game screen like a soldier with a mission. At the end of your game, you will be allowed to submit your score. Each enemy you kill is worth 100 points. Score high and let other players see your score.

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