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Mario Tricky Stunt

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This is a game of exhibitions, stunts, and tricks for Super Mario. Take him up in the air so he wonít have to touch the waters. For some reason Mario forgot how to swim. Remember to collect coins as you go along. If you hit enemy birds, youíre in for extra points too. Mario is in the mood for some extreme games here. Keep him up the air. However, what Super Mario isnít in the mood for in this Mario game is swimming. There are coins to collect as well. Try to eliminate enemy birds while youíre at it too. The better performance Mario stages, the higher score youíll make.

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Marioís numerous stunts can be performed with the use of the Arrow Keys. Be sure that Marioís stunts are performed in full accuracy as he canít touch the waters. Instead of running around the course, Mario is to jump from one tunnel to another, and doing some tricks while jumps too. Make Mario jump from one tunnel to another until he gets to the end line. Mario will handle the stunts for you - just keep him hoisted in the air. If Mario lands on a coin, he will be given added spring in his flight as well. Make sure that Mario is far away from the waters as possible.

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