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Leap Mario Game

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To jump as high as you can and reach as far as possible is the goal of this adventure online game. Mario figures as the main character and your job is to take him higher. Mario has to reach the top without falling down. There are going to be lots of enemies to handle along the way too. Play and try to gather all the stars for 100 points. Kill a Goomba and your score will increase by 500 more points. However, you have to stay clear of the other obstacles like the spikes on the platform. Step on it and you’ll lose a life. Lose a life and the Super Mario game is over.

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Use the Arrow Keys to make Mario jump or walk to the left and to the right. This is a very tricky game as the path going up can be a little confusing. Sometimes, the way you chose is a dead end. If that happens, you would have to start the game over again. The best place when playing Leap Mario is right at the middle. Note that the game screen rolls up automatically. Jump as accurately as you can but try not to go too high for you might select the wrong path and won’t be able to do anything about it. The more careful you are with your moves, the better you’ll fair in this game.

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May 11, 2013, 7:24 pm    

This is ridiculously hard game for me. I can barely control Mario on this game. Perhaps I need to practice more.

This is not my most favorite Mario game.

November 4, 2012, 6:38 pm    

Mario can jump but in this game you need to get him to leap as far as he possibly can without him falling and being attacked by enemies. This game will keep the excitement and adrenaline up.

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